Attorneys for Children is in your corner representing victims of injury and abuse in the education setting

Attorneys for Children (AFC) is a legal team dedicated to representing victims in abuse in K-12 education settings. Founded to support victims and their families as they move forward and heal, our work is to represent their best interests to make informed decisions throughout the legal process. AFC only has one focus: your case. You and your family can focus on healing and a pathway forward.

After facing abuse, it is hard to rebuild your sense of safety and a healing path forward. As you do the hard work to heal, we will be with you to listen and offer experienced guidance on your legal options that would best serve you and your family’s needs and future. Because of our sole focus on K-12 education settings, Attorneys for Children has unique insights and experiences that specifically address these types of cases through civil litigation.

While we work on the legal side of your case, we also know that you have questions and need help finding additional resources to address a comprehensive path to healing. Our team has knowledge and recommendations for external tools to support healing and positive pathways forward.

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Sexual Misconduct in California

As this area of law changes, it is important to understand some of your rights and responsibilities.

Getting Started

It’s hard to take the first steps in your healing process after abuse. We will be by your side when you are ready to take legal actions that align with your goals and process. When you get in touch with Attorneys for Children our first step is to understand you, your family, and your experience to consider all possible legal resolutions to help you feel whole.

Our process starts with listening and asking you questions to deeply understand your experience and start considering the type of case we could build. Then, we work with you to gather as much information as possible to start building that case. You become a partner in this process as we leave no stone unturned.

You will be presented with a road map that articulates where we start, the potential end goals, and what might happen in between. Attorneys for Children is committed to transparency around our work and your legal options. From there, we get to work. As the process unfolds, you can be confident knowing that Attorneys for Children is in your corner the whole time.

Resources and External support

Your focus is healing and finding a pathway forward. We’re here to advocate and guide you through the legal process. During this time, you may have questions like: What other education options are available to my child? How do I get the right support? Is a criminal case my family’s only option? Am I alone? Attorneys for Children is in your corner and will help answer these questions.

Our team is dedicated to your case. We will also assist you with finding the resources your family needs to move forward. For example, we can help you with tools for Special Education and IEP processes or locating therapy and treatment providers to get the care your family needs.

Attorneys for Children is ready to share our knowledge and discuss your individual academic and health care needs. For example:

  • Is your current school the right setting?
  • Are there other educational options?
  • Should my child be seen by a doctor?

When Attorneys for Children is on your side, we stick with you throughout your case and after to help you find and secure the resources you need for your future.

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